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Comments are always welcomed!  Visit us on Facebook and feel free in sending us your stories, comments, suggestions.  We really enjoy and appreciate your valuable feedback.  Tell us about your good visits, and if by chance there was a bad visit we really would like to know what we could do to make it better.

Listed below are some of the comments:
Thank you for the great food.  We really enjoyed your little restaurant.  It felt like we were not in a corporation atmosphere.  Almost like a little "Cheers".  You remember that TV show don't you?  The cook (John) was like the bar tender working and still finding time to chat with the customers.  We will be back again with our friends.  Thanks again for the great food!

Mike - Jacksonville FL.
My son and his wife brought me to your place the other day against my will!  I said that I did not want any hotdogs but they found a way to drag my #$% over to your place.  Reluctantly I went in (almost acting like a dang baby) but I did it anyways.  Then when they smiled and told me to read the menu I was SHOCKED!  When I saw the wide variety of items you had my jaw just dropped.  My son and daughter in law just laughed and said "now, don't you fell like a small idiot now?"  For the first time I had to admit to my son that I was a little childish.  Now I am sold on your place every time I come back to visit!  Nice job.

John - Canton OH.
Thanks for having such good food around here.  Not many places we can visit to have a nice quick lunch.

Amy - Jacksonville FL (Hidden Hills CC.)
Great food, great people and at a good price.  Shocking to find this anymore!  Thanks guys, keep up the great work.  See you tomorrow!

Jeff - Jacksonville FL